Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday **UPDATED**

One of my favorite columns in Real Simple is the "Four Problem Solvers For Under $20".  Here are two from this past week at our house and they're both under $5.

Problem: Getting Christopher (3yrs) to drink the milk in the bottom of his cereal bowl.
Solution: A straw.  There's just something fun about using a straw.

Problem: Getting Hannah (2yrs) to eat breakfast.
Solution: Dry cereal in a snack trap.  Better than snacks (cereal is vitamin fortified) and I don't care if she carries it around the house because the snack trap lid keeps her from spilling it.  It doesn't keep Christopher from stealing it so I make sure he gets one too.

Also, Shannon's WFMW was all about glow sticks.  Here's that video of my kids playing with glow sticks in the bath tub. We don't even have to wait until it's dark outside because there are no windows in our bathroom.

One last thing.  Don't forget about the contest I'm running here on my blog.  All you need to do is leave a comment on this post about women and friendship.  I'll be selecting one comment at random to receive two free tickets to see the movie The Women staring Meg Ryan, Debra Messing and Jada Pinkett Smith.  The contest ends on Sunday so get your comments in before it's over!

**UPDATED to add a link for a Snack Trap... and to correct the spelling since no one could figure out what a stack trap was.  Sorry y'all!


  1. I was going to ask the same thing. What's a stack trap?

    About women and friends: I REALLY appreciate my friends. My husband is in the Army and we move a lot leaving behind friends. This last move was really hard on me as I really bonded with a lady at church very quickly. It actually made me mad that we had to leave. :)

  2. Where did you get your snack traps? I can't seem to find them locally.

  3. "stack trap" should read "snack trap". A snack trap is a little cup/bowl with a lid. The lid is made of strips of plastic that keep snacks in, but allow a hand to push through and pull out some snack!

    Look here at the lid:

    Superchikk, I think you can also order them at

  4. Amy I have two more snack traps for you as promised. They're in the bad I forgot to bring you last night. I've been racking my brain but have nothing enlightening to say about your contest question so I'll just have to get prepared for the next one :-)

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog. You don't know how many times I've thought about attaching a Swiffer cloth to his belly!

    And thanks for letting me know where you got your snack traps. We have a Toys R Us and they don't always carry all the baby things, so I'll have to check back with them to see if they have them.

  6. This has nothing to do with your post today - it has everything to do with you!

    HAPPY BIRTHYDAY, Amy!! I hope that this year brings you joy, peace, contentment and every blessing God can bestow on you.

  7. We have a group of gal pals 10 of us and we are accountability partners. We go on a woman's retreat with just us once a year to re focus on ourselves and each other. We know how important each of us are to each other and when life gets in the way we do the movies or coffee or dinner out. We are actually going to see that movie 9/21 and to the Pasta House for dinner...a girls night out....friendships are so important though....they get you.

  8. These are a fun idea that I will surely pass on to my brother and sister in law; thank you!!


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