Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Fun Links

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(Dove Self-Esteem Fund)

This makes me NEVER want to go to the hospital.

If it were for sale I'd buy this sleeping bag for my sister.

Except for the fact that it's a $70 popcorn maker,
I totally want this.
(Cuisinart via Amazon)

Obsessed with PINK?  AmyB, this one's for you :)
Have an old memory card? Make a memory book.
(cheeky magpie)

Looking for a cute gift?  Try this little crafty project.
(Crafts On A Whim)

The coolest cookies I've seen this month.

  One more really cool jello recipe.
(The Food Librarian)


  1. Those space invader cookies do look really neat! I remember playing that game on the Atari! fun times :)

  2. That sleeping bag is the coolest thing I've ever SEEN!

  3. I LOVE that sleeping bag! how awesome is that. ~ S


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