Thursday, February 04, 2010


I'm going to start posting these on Thursday and Photography Class on Friday.  For those of you who set your calendar by my link post, don't freak out!  It's only Thursday :-)

Facebook Fails:  These are HILARIOUS!  Some are a bit off-color so shield your tender mind.  Still, hilarious.  (via oddee)

Photographing Tots:  Some great tips for getting quality shots of the little guys. (via DPS)

Automatic Sauce Stirrer:  I hate recipes that say, "stir continually for five minutes" or some such nonsense.  I usually have to stop for a sec to reach for the next ingredient and end up burning the bottom.  I can't decide if this is genius or super lazy.  Either way, I'd totally use it! (via hammacher schlemmer)

Earthbound Pets:  This is amazing, in a purely ridiculous way.  What a creative scam! Thanks for the link Em.  (via Eternal Earth-Bound Pets)

Sleep Talking:  This lady records her husbands sleep talking and posts it in her blog.  HILARIOUS!  And, why are things funnier when said by a British person?  Thanks for the link Mom!  (via Sleep Talkin' Man)

Kids Living Simply:  Some quality tips on passing down to our children the ideas behind living simply.  I'm going to put #4 and #7 into practice right away.  Thanks Jen for the link! (via Simple Mom)

Not-A-Turd Picture:  Hilarious blog post about what happens when dad watches the kids for the day.  Thanks Ruthie for the link! (via Her Bad Mother)


  1. thanks for that introduction! ;-)

  2. Did you see what happened at GoogleGoogleGoogleGoogle? Apparently Google had a problem with it...

  3. Thanks Amy, I took down the Google link. It was pretty cool while it lasted though :-)

  4. The Facebook Fails site was hilarious! Of course, reading it at nearly 2am might have had something to do with it...


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