Thursday, May 06, 2010


Portion Control Plate:  I can't decide what I think of this.  It seems like a good idea, but maybe also like a waste of money.  (via Taylor Gifts)

10 Ways to Instantly Become More Attractive:  I love these ideas!  Beauty from the inside out is so very real.  I think if I could do all of these things I would be much more attractive to myself as well as to others. (via Simple Mom)

Pajama Jeans:  I think I want these.  Why can't they be in a store so I can try them on first? (via pajamajeans)

Shower Curtain:  I ALWAYS check.  In every bathroom, in every house, every single time.  If I've peed at your house I've checked behind the curtain.  This is awesome. (via UrbanOutfitters)

Giant Oreo:  I want.  I'd make a huge ice cream sandwich cake. (via Taylor Gifts)

66 Things To Grow:  We're going to plant a garden this year but if you happen to be space challenged here are some things you can grow in your house or on your deck. (via Planet Green)

Bike Parking Prodigy:  Can your kid do this? (via Gif Bin)

Day Planner Clock:  I saw a chalk board clock the other day and thought it was cool except for the erasing part.  This clock figured that out!  Super cool. (via Makezine)


  1. LOVE that shower curtain. (And it's a good think I love you... my shower is usually a mess of tub toys).

    And I totally park my car like that. Yes.

  2. I think there is a video out there of someone parking their car like that. Maybe it's of Jen :)


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