Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Boring? Maybe. Interesting? Soon!

I'm having a hard time writing these days. I get a lot of stuff typed out and then I read over it and think, "that's not really very interesting, no one wants to read that," and I delete it all and start over. Then I run out of time, save it as a draft and go pick the kids up from school.

Recent deleted blog posts include: Hannah and how I figured out how to get her to choose school over staying home fake sick; a list of interesting things to read; some ideas on how I got my kids to love reading; a list of good buys from discount stores.

See... don't all those things sound like great topics to blog?

Here's the problem. No one wants to read about Hannah throwing up. It's gross. It's barf. And she's not actually sick, she just throws up now and then when life doesn't agree with her. How did I get her to go to school? I said this, "If you don't have a fever and/or a stomach bug but you feel too sick to go to school than your body is telling you that it needs rest. If you stay home today you will be napping in your own bed not watching TV in mine." She, quite happily, chose school.

The list of interesting things to read only had one thing on it. Raising Boys (A Dad's Advice For Moms  by Tom Matlack of the Good Men Project. Everything else I ended up sharing on facebook.

How did I get my kids to love reading? I'm not sure. I read to them a lot. I let them pick out their own books. I don't pressure them and I keep reading time stress-free.

Good things to buy from TJ Maxx and Marshalls? Coffee, bedding, blank cards and journals.

I don't have a snarky, humorous or interesting way to share any of those things so I abandoned the topic and moved on.

I am working on some new topics. I don't think they will be snarky or humorous... but hopefully they'll be interesting. I've been thinking about how and why I get mad at or yell at my kids. I've been thinking about why we go through trials and the best ways to deal with difficult times. And I've been thinking about what it means to let things go; what should we let go in parenting and when is it important to stand your ground?

Stay tuned. I might be interesting shortly.


  1. I thought THIS post was hilarious. I also think you're great and can't wait to read about any or all of those things.

    I love you.

  2. http://aschmann.net/AmEng/#SmallMapUnitedStates

    on the topic of interesting... this has nothing to do with your post but thought you would want it with your blogging things :)


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