Monday, January 20, 2014


In the last 31 days my kids have had 10 days of school and three half-days. Christmas break was awesome, snow days are fun and we love to honor MLK Jr., but I am not creative enough to fill all that time. Well, I might be creative enough, but I definitely do not have the energy.

Remember when I first had Christopher and I promised he wouldn't watch TV until he was five? That lasted until Hannah came along 21 months later. First there was Sprout and Disney Jr. Then we got a Wii and recently the kids have discovered Minecraft. Oy.

About halfway through Christmas break I decided that the kids had been having too much screen time and told them to turn it off. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. When they calmed down they asked what they could do to earn it back and the 45/45 plan was hatched.

On weekends and days off from school they can have 45 minutes of screen time and then the next 45 minutes belong to me. During my time I have them do something helpful, which usually takes about 20 minutes, and then they can (have to?) read. After that they get another 45 minutes of screen time. They can play during their break, with each other or by themselves, but it doesn't count towards the 45 minutes that belong to me. 

It's been working out fairly well. The kids have had lots of book time, my house is pretty darn clean and they can build their Minecraft universe to their little hearts delight... in 45 minute blocks of time.


  1. Found your blog on HoCo Blogs when I was just browsing for some blogs I have never read. I thought it would be interesting just to see more of the HoCo blogging scene than just the usual ones I know about. I like your photos (cute kids) and your sense of humor. I will add your blog to the blog list I read at HoCo Connect.

  2. Excited to see you back in my blog roll!


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