Monday, January 27, 2014

I'll Take You As Is

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to go to Gallup for StrengthsFinder training. It was life changing. I love being a Strengths Coach. Helping others discover and decode their individual Strengths profile is always exhilarating. I genuinely believe I get more out of most Strengths trainings than my trainees do! I love explaining how unique each person is and how important each person is on a team. I love helping teams discover how their teammates think and what each person has to contribute. "There are no well rounded people but you can have a well rounded team."

For me, part of learning about Strengths has involved a ton of self discovery. I am Input, Communication, Learner, Arranger and Responsibility. This is how I see the world. This is how I interact with my environment and the people I encounter. This is the way God created me and it is good. While my Strengths are amoral, I am not, my character is my own responsibility and it is up to me to be the best Input, Communication, Learner, Arranger and Responsibility I can be.

I want others to take me "as is." Here I am. I am not you. I am not her. I am me. I am not Futuristic or Empathy or Adaptability. I will never experience the world exactly like you do, and that is not a bad thing or a judgment of the way you see the world. It just is.

This is not a one way road. I will take you "as is" too. I will accept you for who you are and realize that you are not me and you do not think like me. I will celebrate you for who you are. God gave you your strengths on purpose. You are not a mistake. Your character is your responsibility and it is up to you to do the most with your Strengths. I will not judge you for your unique perspective.

I have some great friends who love me "as is" and allow me to return the blessing. For that I am truly thankful.


  1. I love this!!!!

    And I love you (as is) and soooo appreciate how you take me as is.

    AND I LOVED DOING STRENGTHS WITH YOU OVER BREAK.... Also I don't know if I've told you how obsessed I am now... I talk about it with everyone.

    1. The best compliment I get after a Strengths session is when someone goes and tells everyone about it and gets all their friends and family to take the test :-)

  2. I forgot to tell you!!! Lyndsey (from my small group) did Strengths again with her school and got the same top five but in a different order. She thinks it's in a different order because of what she is doing right now. For example, I think she had Communication(?) It was higher on her ranking now because she is teaching. When we did the test the first time, she was not. Thought you'd enjoy that tidbit. :) Also Todd and I had someone tell us about us and our relationship, just knowing our Strengths. It was totally spot-on for me! (Not so much Todd but that's ok.) Not sure if I told you that either!

    1. That's awesome that she got the same top five! Even if they were in a different order it's such strong test-retest reliability!!

      And, I love the fortune-teller aspect of Strengths. I always feel like a rockstar in trainings when I start telling teams about how they operate.


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